We evacuate Ukrainian refugees to safety, deliver assistance to imperiled communities, rescue animals, support orphanages, maternity wards, hospitals and front-line troops. Your generous donations help us help Ukrainian families and their defenders.



Bringing Ukrainians to safety one family at a time.
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Delivering non-perishable stock to help stave off starvation.
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Helping families stay warm amidst the ruins.
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Rescue and feed the pets who were left behind.
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Support the basic health needs of those most vulnerable.
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Non-lethal Military Aid

Helping the defenders stay strong and supported.
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Hot Meals for Residents of Northern Saltivka

Situated on the northern edge of Kharkiv, just 10 miles from the border with russia, and home to some 400 thousand people before the war, Northern Saltivka has been the most heavily shelled area of the city. While many residents got evacuated, those who stayed behind – mostly elderly and disabled – have been sustained by volunteers, braving daily danger to bring them food and basic necessities. With your generous support, they will continue this important work and help the vulnerable residents persevere through the winter.

Just $2 feed one person for one day. Please donate and share.

Support Science Education for Ukrainian Childen

Ever since the Soviet times, Ukraine has been on the forefront of science. Ukrainian children are the future of the country, and their education is one of the very top concerns of the families. The war has caused an enormous disruption to learning. Supporting science education is investing in the future of Ukraine.

We have partnered with MEL ScienceEarthlings Hub, UNICEF Ukraine, and Kiddo Byte Ukraine to provide over 10,000 MEL Science science kits and experiments to children in refugee camps and schools throughput the country.

These are amazingly fun, accessible and educational kits that we have used with our own children and are thrilled at an opportunity to introduce them to children in Ukraine.

After the first 10,000 kits are delivered to Ukraine, we may be able to ship at least 10,000 more, if we can secure the funding!

Please donate and share!

Chromebooks with Headsets for Children

Hundreds of children in orphanages and refugee settlements have been displaced by the war and are missing school and other learning opportunities. Worry about their children’s education is one of the very top concerns of the families in refugee settlements — this is one of very few things they can actually control. There are Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking volunteers around the world who are interested to teach the children remotely, but there are very few laptops where the children are.

We have partnered with Earthlings HubKiddo Byte Ukraine, and Shield Ukraine to send Chromebooks and headsets to the orphanages and refugee centers to allow the children a chance to learn. The first shipment has made it to children!

Just $60 buys a Chromebook (including delivery to Ukraine) and $10 buys a headset. Please donate and share.

Helping Pets Survive the Winter

The war in Ukraine has already brought a litany of suffering, a lot of grief and death. It has affected not only people, but also animals, who are dying and suffering silently. The shelling of the city of Kharkiv has relentlessly continued every day since the early morning of February 24th. A huge number of pets ended up abandoned on city streets. Our volunteers, who themselves have lost their homes after being shelled by rockets and have taken shelter in their friends’ apartment, took on the mission to help many of these animals. Winter is fast approaching and the first snow has already fallen. It is perpetually cold, there are frequent, prolonged, blackouts and it is becoming ever more difficult for them to sustain and nurture their “flock”. More resources are needed to purchase food, outfit warm boxes, provide basic bedding and equip the basements in abandoned buildings where the pets seek shelter from cold and destruction. We urgently need your support to help our four-legged refugees and to enable them to survive this terrible Winter.
Please donate and help us spread the word! 


Holiday Magic for Children of War

Children in war grow up very quickly. Their eyes change. They know to run to the bomb shelter after hearing the sound of sirens. They learn to conserve water and they manage to get by with candles when the power goes out. They live knowing that the world around them can change at any moment. 
Yet, they are still children. They dream and they hope. They wait for Santa and wish for a miracle. We spoke with the families of over a hundred disadvantaged children relocated in Ukraine who have fled the ravages of war in Mariupol and Kherson.
We have purchased and put together individual gift sets for each child and our volunteers in Ukraine will have them delivered to their homes for the holidays, We hope you can join us in bringing a little magic to even more kids this holiday season!
Thank you for your kindness and compassion! 
The URF Team
All gifts are made and delivered locally and all of the funds in this campaign will be spent directly in Ukraine.

Birthday fundraiser

Dear friends,
Seven months ago, I boarded a plane to Prague to help a family fleeing the war in Ukraine. En route, I got an evacuation request from a coworker and my wife helped arrange the rescue of his relative from an abandoned building by the front-line. Since then, we’ve evacuated over 200 people and 100 animals, delivered tens of thousands of humanitarian aid packets, supported several hospitals, schools, orphanages, maternity wards, and troops at the front. We’ve gone to every border and spent a month in Ukraine itself, along with our kids who went to a camp there, while my wife and I criss-crossed the country. I delivered aid to my hometown of Kharkiv and experienced firsthand the utter devastation of war. 
I’ve started this campaign for my birthday to raise funds to provide relief for the thousands of people in this region who were left without any means to face a brutal winter, many still under bombardment, lacking basic essentials, walls or windows in their homes or even roofs over their heads. Many of our friends and colleagues have pitched in and got us within an earshot of our goal. Please help us raise the last $500! URF is a registered 501c3 nonprofit. Each donation will get a tax receipt and as a detailed report about the people you helped. Thank you for your care and generosity!
Sergei (Serhiy) Lubensky