Kharkiv Resilience Fund

We are a project of the Ukraine Rescue Fund focused on supporting orphanages, transitional living facilities, schools, hospitals, first responders, and defense volunteers in the Kharkiv region and beyond.

Our Campaigns

See current, past, and ongoing campaigns that were made possible by working with the entire team of URF volunteers and partnerships with charitable organizations around the world.

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Support Science Education for Ukrainian Childen

Ever since the Soviet times, Ukraine has been on the forefront of science. Ukrainian children are the future of the country, and their education is one of the very top concerns of the families. The war has caused an enormous disruption to learning. Supporting science education is investing in the future of Ukraine.

We have partnered with MEL ScienceEarthlings Hub, UNICEF Ukraine, and Kiddo Byte Ukraine to provide over 10,000 MEL Science science kits and experiments to children in refugee camps and schools throughput the country.

These are amazingly fun, accessible and educational kits that we have used with our own children and are thrilled at an opportunity to introduce them to children in Ukraine.

After the first 10,000 kits are delivered to Ukraine, we may be able to ship at least 10,000 more, if we can secure the funding!

Please donate and share!

Chromebooks with Headsets for Children

Hundreds of children in orphanages and refugee settlements have been displaced by the war and are missing school and other learning opportunities. Worry about their children’s education is one of the very top concerns of the families in refugee settlements — this is one of very few things they can actually control. There are Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking volunteers around the world who are interested to teach the children remotely, but there are very few laptops where the children are.

We have partnered with Earthlings Hub, Kiddo Byte Ukraine, and Shield Ukraine to send Chromebooks and headsets to the orphanages and refugee centers to allow the children a chance to learn. The first shipment has made it to children!

Just $60 buys a Chromebook (including delivery to Ukraine) and $10 buys a headset. Please donate and share.

Fabrics for First Responders

Kharkiv humanitarian and defense volunteers desperately need vests, harnesses, and other life-saving equipment.
We have partnered with an organization that saws vests at a Western Ukraine factory to reduce costs. They are a major supplier and donor of this equipment for the first responders and defense volunteers.
Since the start of the war, we have sent over 10,000 yards of fabric and the corresponding amount of Velcro, webbing, elastics, and other notions. We have located the appropriate fabric and suppliers with the necessary materials. We have also figured out the logistics for quickly getting these supplies to Ukraine. We need to raise funds to pay for these and future similar purchases.
All money collected go to the benefit of Kharkiv volunteers. We will purchase and transport this fabric and other equipment to help save lives.
Our first shipment
One of the first shipments made it to Ukraine
Another one of the early shipments
A few of the early vest samples
We have diversified into camouflage patterns!
To Be Continued!
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Life-Saving Equipment

High-quality tourniquets and other life-saving equipment can literally make a difference between life and death.

We are purchasing and sending these supplies directly to the first responders.

All money collected is used to purchase and transport this equipment to help save lives.
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