Co-Founder / CEO

Alina Lubensky

Alina was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine and moved to Kyiv when she was 17. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, she came of age as part of the first generation that called Ukraine a country of their own and witnessed firsthand the Orange Revolution of 2004, having lived steps away from Maidan. As a director of a large firm with offices across the country, Alina has traveled extensively in Ukraine and came to know and love many locations which have now become the theater of war. In 2010, she married her former classmate, Sergei, and the couple made their home in Northern California, where they currently reside with three kids and four pets.

Co-Founder / CFO

Serhiy Lubensky

Serhiy was born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine (formerly USSR). When he was 15, his family emigrated to the United States as political refugees, a few weeks before the collapse of the Soviet Union. He went to school in a suburb of Chicago and studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. Serhiy spent half of his professional career as an engineer (working on projects in ballistic missile defense at Raytheon) and found two startups: in technology and medical instrumentation. Since 2010, he has launched a career in banking, working in risk management and client intelligence. He is head of data science at First Republic Bank (part of JP Morgan Chase). 

Director / Head of US Operations

Olya Anguelov

Olya was born in Kyiv and immigrated to Canada at the age of 15. Olya dedicated her professional career to decarbonizing the electric grid and the economy. Currently she leads Product and Marketing at NextEra Mobility with a focus on transitioning heavy duty transportation away from fossil fuels. Olya holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from University of Waterloo and a MBA from UCLA Anderson.

Head of Ukrainian Operations
URF-Kyiv Fund <Ми Переможемо Разом> 

Polina Vinnik

Polina was born in Smela, Ukraine, and moved to Kyiv at the age of 19, where she now lives with her two children. She holds degrees in Education and Psychology and has a private practice in psycho-therapy, with patients in Ukraine and around the world. In this capacity, Polina has been helping many soldiers and refugees to cope with the trauma of the war. Polina has also worked as a kindergarten teacher and a lot of her efforts have been focused on supporting internally displaced children and their families. Polina has served as a volunteer at the URF since its founding in March of 2022 and, after a sister fund was established in Kyiv in 2023, she has served as its director and parlayed her work with volunteers across the country into organized humanitarian activities on behalf of the URF.

Head of Technology
URF Program <Kharkiv Resilience Fund>

Igor Lubashev

Igor was born in Kiev, Ukraine and immigrated to the United States at the age of 15. He graduated from MIT with a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and spent his career building complex software systems. Igor is a Director of Engineering at Akamai Technologies and the author of several patents and Internet standards. Igor and his wife Lucy, born in Kharkiv, live in Greater Boston and have three children. Since the start of the invasion, they have been helping Kharkiv Territorial Defense with camo fabrics and other dual-purpose essential supplies. They have also teamed up with local charities to provide educational tools, such as laptops and science kits, to displaced children in Ukraine. Their son, Gosha, organized and taught online programming classes to kids in orphanages.



Ukraine Rescue Fund (aka, URF) is a trade name of the Ukraine Rescue Fund – a California tax-exempt 501(c)3 public benefit corporation.
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